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A Game of Trouble

solo cello

duration: 8'

first performance on 10/17/2020 by David Pira Florez as part of Flyover New Music Series at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

program notes (written by Tanner Harrod)

Growing up, one of the more popular board games in my house was the Milton Bradley (now Hasbro) game “Trouble.” The gameplay has players start on their side of the board, move around the board in a clockwise fashion, until they make it back to their “safe spaces” on their home side. Similarly, A Game of Trouble is divided into four sections. The performer may choose to start their performance at the beginning of any one of these sections, at which point the performance moves from section to section until the performer has made it back to the section in which they began. Each section is given a distinct musical characteristic, which creates different narratives depending on where the player begins the piece. 

See an excerpt of the score

PDF Score $15

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