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The Door We're Not to Enter

trombone and guitar (nylon-string, recommended to be amplified)

duration: 5'

commissioned by Ian Rutherford

first performance on Halloween 2022 by Ian Rutherford and Alessio Olivieri at the Flyover New Music Series, Lincoln, NE

program notes (written by Tanner Harrod)

The Door We’re Not the Enter captures the spirit of suspense and horror movies. Knowing that something might be lurking around the corner, these films train audience members to feel tense and anxious for the characters on the screen, who might not be as aware of their impending doom. After briefly hinting at some hidden danger represented by the muted trombone, the music quickly settles into a calm melody. Still, something else menacing is hiding behind the door for our main character...


The Door We're Not to Enter was commissioned by Ian Rutherford.

PDF Score $25

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